Friday, November 30, 2012

Nonfiction Websites

This year in school we've been looking at some nonfiction websites.  Our class likes reading online.  You can find the websites at our class website.  We hope you enjoy the websites we show you below.

These are the websites:  DOGO News, Meet Me at the Corner, KidsReads, Wonderopolis, and Zooborns.  DOGONews has videos then an article. The video is about the article.  They post a new article every day.

KidsReads is a site about children's books. You can find your favorite author or favorite book and read about the author, find other books by the author and you can read about that book or another book.

Wonderopolis is a site that has a wonder of the day.  They count all of the wonders and they show all the wonders there have been.  Most of the time there are pictures and videos and there is an article that talks about the wonder.

Zooborns is a site that shows all of the baby animals in the world. They have a lot of animals to look at. The animals are in alphabetical order.

Meet Me at the Corner is a site with videos. Most videos have a small article to go with it.  You can search a topic of video also. It shows you how to make a video book review and how to make a video on Meet Me at the Corner.

These are all of our websites. There are some websites we haven't checked out yet, too. If you would like to explore some websites for us and tell us how they are, that would be great.  All of the sites that we just mentioned are ones we've looked at.  Please comment and tell us about some new nonfiction sites.


  1. Thanks for the great list! We are trying to incorporate more on-line reading choices during independent reading so this is most helpful.

  2. Dear 4th grade class,
    THANK you for sharing this wonderful blog post full of resources. Two sites that I used a lot with my students, besides Wonderopolis, is PebbleGo ( I love their biography section) and National Geographic for kids. I hope you continue making great discoveries in your nonfiction unit!
    Ms. Stella Villalba

  3. Thank you for sharing these websites. I read Wonderopolis alost everyday with my students and we have learned so many new things! We just discovered another site we like because it has terrific photographs of animals. It is Maybe you will like it too.

  4. I knew about one of these sites, and recently learned about Wonderopolis as well.
    Students, why should I use these sites with the 4th graders I work with? I'd really like to hear from you.
    I'm going to be checking out this blog of yours and share it with other 4th grade teachers so expect to hear from some new people from St.Louis hopefully. ;-)
    -Miss M

  5. Renee, 2nd and 6th Grade TeacherJanuary 30, 2013 at 5:19 PM

    This was really helpful. I am going to introduce these sites to my class because I really want them to read nonfiction and see how much fun reading online can be.