Friday, January 11, 2013

Book Review: Infinity Ring

This is the first in a series of Book Reviews that you will find on our blog!  You will know the reviews in this series when you see the "Book Reviews" logo.

       I think Infinity Ring #1: A Mutiny in Time is the best book ever. It is the 1st book in the series. The genre is fantasy because they go back in time. It is by James Dasher, but the next book is by Carrie Ryan. The front cover shows a compass in front of some gears. The compass is pointing to the 20. There is a top secret file in the front of the book. Don’t open it before the book and then when you're done with it, you should open it.

Infinity Ring: Mutiny in Time starts out like this:  Dak and Sera are best friends. They are at the Museum of Natural History . The next thing they know there is a earthquake. When the earthquake stopped they went  home and rested. The next day they went into Dak’s parents' lab and  found the Infinity Ring.  Read the book to see what happens next.

     I think Infinity Ring is in my top ten books. This book series is going to have 6 books. I really like it.


  1. Thanks for your feedback on the book. What books will you recommend to students who finish this series? (or are waiting for all the books?) would love your advice! Thanks.

  2. For kids who love Infinity Ring, we recommend 39 Clues, The False Prince, Kingdom Keepers, and maybe Percy Jackson.