Monday, February 25, 2013

Book Review: Lost and Found

I think Lost and Found by Andrew Clements is a 5 star book.After I pick up the book I can’t put the book back down.

Two twin brothers are moving so they have to go to a new school. Then they have a crazy thought. After Jay stays home sick on the first day of school. On the second day of school, Jay feels better then pretends to to be Ray Grayson and Ray pretends to be Jay Grayson then the to Grayson twins take turns going to school.Then they realized they could not do this all year. So then they said to each other they will tell everyone on Friday, but Ray told Melissa (someone in his class) then she told someone and that someone told someone and so on. Read Lost and Found to find out what happens.

Fun Fact: Ray’s full name is Ray Jay Grayson and Jay’s full name is Jay Ray Grayson since they’re twins.

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