Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Book Review: H.I.V.E.


        H.I.V.E  is a book about a boy named Otto Malpense. He lives in an orphanage. He saved the orphanage by “convincing” the Prime Minister to not close it down. By doing that somehow a lady tracked him down and shot him with a special kind of sleeper gun. While he’s asleep people take him to a school called H.I.V.E. H.I.V.E stands for The Higher Institute of Villainous Education. He meets some friends and they all make a plan to escape H.I.V.E. Can Otto and his friends survive their stay at H.I.V.E and escape? Read the book H.I.V.E to find out!
The author of H.I.V.E. is Mark Walden. There are seven books in the series of H.I.V.E. The first book is H.I.V.E.: The Higher Institute of Villainous Education. The second book is H.I.V.E.: The Overlord Patrol. The third book is H.I.V.E.: Escape Velocity. The fourth book is H.I.V.E.: Dreadnought. The fifth book is H.I.V.E.: Rogue. The sixth book is H.I.V.E.: Zero Hour. The seventh book in the series is H.I.V.E.: Aftershock. Mark Walden is coming out with the eighth book. The eighth is going to be called H.I.V.E.: Deadlock.


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