Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Book Review: How to Steal a Dog by Barbara O'Connor


     Barbra O’ Connor made up this awesome book called How To Steal A Dog.  Before I get to the story I have a question.  Have you ever thought where your classmates live?  Have you ever thought if they were poor and lived in a car?  Who would ever think of these questions?  But what happens if it’s true? What happens if your best friend lives in a car?  Or their dad ran away when they were just two, and they just never told you?  Well that’s what Georgina’s life is like.  Her dad ran away with almost all their money.  Now she lives in a car with her mother and brother Toby.  
Georgina is getting sick of their car and she gets a crazy idea.  What happens if she could steal a dog that somebody loved so much they would pay $500 for?  If she succeeded she would say I found the dog and get the $500.  So Georgina goes out looking for the perfect dog and spots one.  Georgina takes the happiest dog in the world and hides him.

Will Georgina be able to hide the dog and get the $500 to get a new home or will she get caught?  To find out read How To Steal A Dog by Barbra O’ Connor!


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