Friday, September 28, 2012

Awesome Skype with Kate Messner

Our class enjoys Skype with Kate Messner. She rocks!

We invited Kate Messner to Skype with us on Friday.  Kate Messner is an author of the book Capture the Flag and we read this as our class read aloud.  We asked her a few questions and she answered them.

What is the favorite book you wrote?
Do you read Harry Potter? Why did Jose like Harry Potter?
Will there be a movie for Capture the Flag?
Why did you want to become and author?
How did you get the ideas for the characters and their names?  How did you think of Snickerbottom's name?
How did you get the idea for Capture the Flag?
What are the other books in the  series? When will they be out?

Kate Messner was in her sun room at her house in Vermont. It was by a lake. That is where she does all of her work. She showed us her desk and her notebook. She uses it to write the other books in the series.

This was our first Skype visit and we were really excited for it.  It was hard not to scream because we were so excited.  A couple of people got to ask the questions to Kate Messner.  There was a technical difficult for a minute or so but we managed it.

Kate told us about the two new books that she is writing that have the same characters in Capture the Flag.  The next one is coming out in April. It is called Hide and Seek.  We can't wait! We loved Capture the Flag. So, we recommend this book to you.

We are hoping to do more Skype visits in the future. We'll write blog posts about those, so please keep reading our blog!

Thank you, Kate Messner!!!!!


  1. We'd like to Skype, too. Can you tell us what you do to prepare? Also, what is the technical side of it? How do you get your Skype set up? Where is your camera? We're thinking about Skyping other classes who are reading Wonder, but we need to be prepared first!

  2. What a great opportunity! Hello from Pittsburgh!