Friday, September 28, 2012

Global Read Aloud-The One and Only Ivan

We are excited to participate in this year's Global Read Aloud. We are going to read THE ONE AND ONLY IVAN by Katherine Applegate. Today, we previewed the book by watching the official book trailer, reading the first few pages, the back cover, the inside flap, etc.  After we previewed, we collected some of the questions we are going to keep in mind as we read.  Here are a few that we are thinking about:

What does the epigraph mean?
Is Ivan's species extinct in this book?
Why is Ivan living at the mall? We don't have a zoo animal at our mall.
Why is the glossary at the beginning of the book?
Why doesn't Ivan live in the jungle?
I wonder why Ivan says, "It is not as easy as it looks."
How old is Ivan?
How did Ivan and Ruby get to the zoo?
How does the elephant get t the mall?
Why does the book keep saying, "It's not as easy as it looks."
How did Ivan become friends with the baby elephant, Ruby?
Why is the story about the gorilla?
Why is Ivan lonely with the elephant?
Why did Katherine Applegate pick The One and Only Ivan for the title?
Does Ivan get out of the mall?
Does the gorilla go to the mall and shop?
Why is he upset and stressed out?
How did the author come up with this idea?
What does words have to do with this book (humans use too many words)?


  1. Wow, what great questions and comments you came up with. I hope you love the book as much as I have, it is such a wonderful story. I am so glad you are part of the read aloud.
    Pernille Ripp
    Madison, WI, USA

  2. Hi Grade 4,

    That's a great list of questions, I will share your list with my Grade 5'ers!

    I can't wait to share our answers and predictions!

    Ms. Young
    Grade 5, Gretna School
    Gretna, Manitoba, Canada

  3. Dear Mrs. Sibberson's 4th grade class,
    You all have wonderful questions about a book that I'm sure, you will absolutely LOVE. I think asking questions before I read helps me "warm up" my brain for all the learning, wondering, and noticing I do when I read. I wish you a wonderful journey as you enter the world of the One and Only Ivan.

  4. Dear Mrs. Sibberson's fourth grade class,

    Your ideas rocked because you were thinking hard. We had a lot of the same ideas and questions as you. We could really picture what you were saying.

    Thank you for writing a comment on our blog. It was our first one!

    Mrs. Parkin's Fourth Grade Class
    a.k.a. The Citizens of Parkinville