Friday, September 21, 2012

Explain Everything in Math

In math, we are learning strategies to figure out problems.  We are starting to use an app called EXPLAIN EVERYTHING on the iPads.  With this app, you can write and draw pictures to show your strategy.  You can also record what you are doing and it will record your voice too.  You can save your piece and look at it again, share it, put it on your blog or wiki, and more.  It helps us to hear other people's strategies to test out on an another problem on our own.

Here is a question we had to solve and explain.

Mom bought 4 egg cartons. Each carton had 6 eggs in it. 2 eggs were bad.  How many good eggs did Mom get?

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  1. My 5th graders at GRE are using the Explain Everything app for many reasons. But so far, they really love the ability to not only show their learning, but to hear themselves share their thi king out loud as well. We plan to post some of our projects to ou class wiki to help us remember concepts.

    Good luck with your problem solving