Saturday, January 12, 2013

Ruth Ayres: A Google Hangout Visit

We had a Google Hangout Visit with Ruth Ayres. She is a writer from Two Writing Teachers and she talked to us about Slice of Life writing.  She is so nice because she's a busy writer but she had time to hang out with us. We asked her lots of questions and she answered them.  She has been writing since she was a little kid.  She has written Slices of Life since 2008. She wrote more than 400 Slices of Life.  We had fun talking with Ruth Ayres. She was so nice. We think she liked doing a Google Hangout with us too.

You can also write your own Slice of Life. You can write in or your notebook, or a blog or on the website.  Just go to Two Writing Teachers.  You can visit the website if you want to or if you are free.

We like to Skype with authors a lot.

You might want to visit Slice of Life. All teachers and kids can do it this year.  Do you like it? Please comment and answer.


  1. Great post! I like how you added the part about being able to write your own slice of life.

  2. Lucky you! Sounds like a great visit. Hope you do indeed do some of you own slice of life writing.

  3. Lucky you! Sounds like a great visit. Hope it indeed inspired you to do a Slice of Life writing of your own!

  4. I honestly haven't used Google hangout (sorry that is probably embarrassing!) Any tips on getting started? Good for you for doing the SKYPE and hangout to chat with authors!

    1. To get started with a Google Hangout, you need a Google account. The most important thing is thinking about who you want to hang out with and what questions to ask.

  5. Thanks guys! I LOVED hanging out with you. I shared your post with Two Writing Teacher readers today. :)

    Happy writing,

  6. I've used Google Hangout once. It's a great technology tool.

    Looking forward to having you as part of the Slicer community this March!